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Tony Drees tandem skydiving over Lake Michigan

Keynote speaker Tony Drees is the Transition Expert, a Warrior, a Survivor, an Invincible Champion of Life, an Army Veteran, a Purple Heart Recipient, an Amputee, a Teacher, and a Father.

Drawing upon his triumphs and lessons as a warrior and survivor, Tony developed a powerful system using common language to help anyone elevate their survival potential and make lasting changes with just three simple rules:

No Lies, No Excuses, and Never Quit.

Tony lives in Colorado and speaks professionally at schools, corporate events, veterans benefits, on TV and the radio. He stands on his only leg to inspire his audiences when giving his guiding ‘3 Rules To Live By’ presentations.


Tony Drees, Adaptive Athlete Champion and Gold Medalist

Mr. Drees earned his Business Degree and Master’s of Management with the University of Phoenix, and in 2015 he received Honorable Recognition at the 2015 NAACP Image Awards .

In early 2018, Tony made the difficult decision to have his right leg amputated to eliminate the spread of shrapnel-induced cancer.

Part Man, Part Legend, 100% Alive.

Tony has devoted his life championing and advocating for Veterans’ causes. Formerly serving as the Executive Director for Veteran’s Passport To Hope (VP2H) , a Colorado 501(c)(3) which benefits around twenty other veteran non-profits and saves lives, Tony also served on the board for National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI).

On Feb 9, 2018, Tony's right leg was amputated.

“Whenever I think what I’m dealing with is so difficult, I see Anthony Drees killing it and my stuff gets real small. Dude, you are my personal hero. I love you so much. Keep being you. Your spirit makes the world a better place.”
Dawn Douglas

“You are truly amazing Tony. Can not wait to see what tomorrow brings. Because I know you live by the same belief that ‘can’t’ is buried in the backyard along with ‘quit’ and ‘give up.'”
Kerstin Sobus

“I don’t think many people really understand what it means to ‘Never Quit,’ but the way Tony lives his life sets a strong example. Thanks for showing us the way to stay engaged with life, Tony!”
Les Konley

“Tony Drees – an American soldier [with the] determination, resiliency, and strength to overcome against seemingly insurmountable odds. You are an incredible inspiration! You made an incredible difference in my life!
You continue to amaze me!!!”

Madeleine Goodpaster

“Tony, you are such an amazing display of strength and courage! You inspire all of us to face our adversities head-on!
Keep being you!”

Darrin Abernathey

“You are strong! So much more than many people I know with 2 legs. You are truly an inspiration to all. We are blessed and privileged to know you.”
Jo McDougall

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